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Ave Maria Singles wants to change all that. I make a similar amount of money, get a similar amount of lap dances and merchandise sales.

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Very rarely do I feel like I make a significant amount of money over what any other feature showgirl might make. Do you enjoy what you do? It satisfies a lot of different parts of me and is far more empowering than it is exploitative for me.

It s also an outlet for my sexuality, and I consider myself to be a highly sexual person, so this is a healthy and fun way to get that out. I also have always wanted to be an entertainer or dancer of some kind, and this does that in a very cool way.

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You get to control what kind of shows you do while also traveling the country to places you may not have otherwise gone. I also love being on the go -- so the travel is great. Let s talk about the exploitation of little people in America This has been a hot topic for me lately. I ve been speaking a lot about how I feel like little people are still one of the most marginalized groups of people out there.

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It still, to me, seems like it s very OK to make fun of little people or midgets. Very rarely, if ever, do you see someone stand up for little people when the "M" word gets thrown around, or a crude short joke gets made, or when people plain call us creepy.

I once had a grown woman run from me when introduced to me at a show. Why is it so OK to rip on short people, but it wouldn t be OK if it were making fun of race, sexuality, gender, or disability?

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I think we are so dehumanized to a level that people don t think we see or hear these insults and are somehow invisible to it all. This dehumanization manifests itself in a lot of different ways. It can be someone asking something as seemingly innocent to them as How do you drive? Yes, this has really happened.

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I have had people leave or not enter a room I m in because they re afraid of me. I later asked her why, and she said it was because she had seen the film Leprechaun as a kid. It s so irrational and silly.

Probably not. So why are they afraid of us? I thought it was cool when a show like Little People, Big World came around and showed the day-to-day lives of little people and really normalized our experience in an important way.

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I can spoil. Email me back if you want to know more It seems when I put "females only", some men and couples seem to think I m talking to them! What really sucks is when I agree to meet a couple, they re a "no-show", sooo. Ladies only. She has an incredible sensuousness matched by her very libido.

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