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What Happens When a 7-Year-Old Asks Yougall, "What is Sex?" content has been recognized to render useful information and valuable engagement to the users Acar et al. supports users to upload or transfer any genre of videos as long as it is original and legitimate without any copyright or legal issues.

Thus, content gratification is not limited to content viewing but extends to subsequent meet-up or other original content. helps such activities by allowing creation of unique content, replying, spoofing content, which may be a stand-alone activity or an action resulting from content viewing. The following hypotheses are proposed.

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Social gratification The primary activity of is to allow users to engage in social interactions through video sharing. Researchers have also asserted that social reactions have a greater impact on the content creation part. Both viewing and creation can be influenced by social gratifications sought by users.

Social gratification can be assessed using a disconfirmation of social interactions Liu et al. Thus, the following hypotheses are proposed.

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An important difference between and conventional media is interactivity. Interaction upgrades viewer experience and perceived enjoyment among users.

Content viewing provides amusement and pass-time gratification. Content creation in is an activity for self-expression of users.

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Process gratification aggregates three expectations — entertainment, passing time, and self-expression Liu et al. More and more, video creation and sharing depend on the ability to use and circulate existing copyrighted work. Until now, that fact has been almost irrelevant in business and law, because broad distribution of nonprofessional video was relatively rare. Often people circulated their work within a small group of family and friends.

But digital platforms make work far more public than it has ever been, and cultural habits and business models are developing.

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As practices spread and financial stakes are raised, the legal status of inserting copyrighted work into new work will become important for everyone. It is important for video makers, online service providers, and content providers to understand the legal rights of makers of new culture, as policies and practices evolve.

Mashups, remixes, subs, and online parodies are new and refreshing online phenomena, but they partake of an ancient tradition: the recycling of old culture to make new. The bargain is this: we as a society give limited property rights to creators, to reward them for producing culture; at the same time, we give other creators the chance to use that same copyrighted material without permission or payment, in some circumstances. Without the second half of the bargain, we could all lose important new cultural work just because one person is arbitrary or greedy.

Fair use is the most important of these features. Where it applies, fair use is a right, not a mere privilege.

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In fact, as the Supreme Court has pointed out, fair use keeps copyright from violating the First Amendment. As copyright protects more works for longer periods than ever before, it makes new creation harder.

As a result, fair use is more important today than ever before.

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Creative needs and practices differ with the field, with technology, and with time. Fair use is flexible; it is not uncertain or unreliable. In weighing the balance at the heart of fair use analysis, judges refer to four types of considerations mentioned in the law: the nature of the use, the nature of the work used, the extent of the use and its economic effect. This still leaves much room for interpretation, especially since the law is clear that these are not the only necessary considerations.

If the video content does not meet project expectations, they need to explain why in a manner stakeholders can understand.

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The key soft skills are verbal and written, as well as strong attention to detail. They will sit in meetings, on conference calls, and use email to communicate. But what does it mean to consent to something? In this video, people talk about what consent means — when it comes to sex, and when it comes to other things in life. Or to prevent pregnancy?