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A majority of adults have reported a decline in the quality of their sex lives during the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to people who made no change, those who spiced things up were more likely to report improvements in their sex life since the beginning of the pandemic.

How coronavirus is transforming online dating and sex

These include: hand-washing; limiting sexual activities to partners who are part of the household; using physical barriers such as masks, condoms and dental dams; creatively enacting positions that reduce risks of transmission and masturbating. Including a suggestion like the video-conferencing platform Zoom is telling.

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The integration of social and interactive technologies in work and relationships accelerates exponentially with confinement. The firm is now rolling out a feature that lets users match with people outside their immediate geographical area. One way to do it is by reinventing the speed date.

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A participant who is interested in another can email the representative; if two people feel sparks, the representative connects them. Coronavirus is also upending what we thought were the ground rules of dating in the digital age.

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Pre-coronavirus, texting someone to set up a date was fine, but calling a person, let alone video-chatting before a date, was tiptoeing toward creepy. Not anymore. This is clearly a risk for those using video chat platforms for sex.

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Read more: From stone dildos to sexbots: how technology is changing sex This feeds into existing concerns about data hacking, consent and inappropriate monitoring of teledildonic users by the companies that make them. As social distancing continues, there are also concerns of increased catfishing , the practice of luring people into fake online relationships for financial scams.

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Is online intimacy the same as being together? One question raised in studies of sex and intimacy is whether the online environment enables a sense of human connection akin to physical presence. Being physically close to someone allows for intimate practices that involve touch and everyday acts of care.