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WHO advocates for the involvement of adolescents and parents provision of adolescent-friendly services. These include malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia, measles, malnutrition and anaemia.

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The approach aims at improving health worker s skills to manage childhood illnesses, improving health system support as well as family and community practices. WHO is providing support to the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to introduce and scale up the approach including monitoring and evaluation of the strategy.

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Disabilities The WCO has been keeping this area active despite handicaps of financing. Rehabilitation The WCO has been keeping this area active despite handicaps of financing.

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Disease surveillance, reporting and responding to outbreaks is also solid. WHO and the Ministry of Health work in a coordinated and efficient manner. Other teams work in close collaboration in sharing, data, transport, assignments such as in the training where appropriate. Management of data and its use has also been given special priority.

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WHO assists the country directly in implementing and scaling up the malaria control interventions in the areas of case management, vector control, malaria in pregnancy, malaria epidemics, and monitoring and evaluation.

WHO supports the country to prepare a strategic plan, as well as relevant guidelines for different interventions. Other support given to specific areas include: monitoring the antimalarial drugs efficacy and guiding the country in change of treatment policy for effective case management, scaling up insecticide treated net ITN use through cost effective approaches such as the voucher scheme for the vulnerable groups, and intermittent presumptive treatment IPT in pregnant women.

Support in putting in place an effective monitoring system for indoor residual spraying IRS , which is a relatively new intervention for Tanzania.

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The government is concerned in ensuring that the resources available to health are used efficiently and that they are distributed equitably, yet disparities in access to services between rural and urban areas and between the sex s remains in many settings. Health financing heavily relies on out-of-pocket payments, placing large, sometimes catastrophic, financial burdens on households who can be pushed into poverty, or further into poverty, as a result.

Moreover, the need to make such payments prevents people, especially those who are poor, from obtaining necessary care. Immunization and Vaccination Development The immunization programme in Tanzania has as its goal reduction in morbidity and mortality due to vaccine preventable diseases.

Blood Safety This programme supports the building up of blood transfusion services in Zanzibar, covering all components of the service, and ensuring sustainability.

2021 Trafficking in Persons Report: Tanzania

The programmes for which WHO will provide support are selected every two years through consultations with the Ministry of Health. They are then incorporated into a country s biannual programme budget. Mental Health Activities in this area of work are being implemented within the context of the Global Primary Prevention of Substance Abuse. The main focus is on the Mental Health Policy Guidelines and support to several NGOs in the implementation of programmes on primary prevention of substance abuse.

Essential Medicines The vision for this area of work is to support the government of Tanzania to ensure that all people have access to the essential medicines they need and can afford; that the medicines are safe, effective, and of good quality; and that the medicines are prescribed, dispensed and used rationally. Similarly it aims at guiding the development of traditional medicine TM and complementary or alternative medicine in the country within the WHO Regional Traditional Medicine Strategy which has the following objectives: to develop a framework for integration of the positive aspects of TM into health systems and services; to establish mechanisms for the protection of cultural and intellectual property rights; to develop viable local industries to improve access to TM; to strengthen national capacity to mobilize stakeholders and formulate and implement relevant policies; and to promote the cultivation and maintenance of medicinal plants.

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It also covers the promotion of policy guidelines on environmental health including promotion of the Healthy Settings Approach, food safety, chemical management and safety, occupational hygiene and safety as well as emergency preparedness and response EPR. An achievement in this area includes having health promotion focal persons at district level in all the districts in the country to coordinate and facilitate health promotion activities at community level.

Tanzania has developed a National Road Map Strategic Plan to accelerate reduction of maternal and newborn deaths. She lives in the crowded suburb of Temeke in Dar es Salaam and works as a sex worker and volunteers as a peer counsellor for people living with HIV and for people who use drugs. Her clients were regulars who used to come to her house, or she would visit those she could trust in their homes.

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On the side of my partners [clients], they stopped visiting and calling me. At her job as a peer counsellor she was offered fewer shifts, meaning a lower income. This is felt by both women.