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What is the difference between hard and soft swinging? Soft swinging is basically everything except penetration with someone other than your partner. It can also mean having sex with your partner in the same room with others.

12+ Best Swinger Dating Sites For Couples: Find Group Sex and Threesomes

Hard swinging or full swap means going all the way with someone or multiple someones other than your spouse. Are there any rules to swinging? The golden rule is to get consent before you do anything — failure to do so will quickly get you banned from clubs and avoided by couples if not arrested.

Beyond that, most couples make their own rules. Most other rules are pretty common-sense. Start Match In the same way that the Tinder system, meet the people who loves your face. Location Find users around you is not enough?

Change your City and discover new members Who watched me? Users viewed your profile because they like you. Find and contact them if it is reciprocal.

Meet Open-minded Hot Couples and SLS Swingers Nearby!

We want everyone to be authentic. This site is designed to connect swingers in your own community. SwingLifestyle helps users take their sex life in new directions and become apart of an open-minded swinger community. This site offers a whole lot more than just online dating. You can become a part of a date club, swingers group or swingers forum.

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There are also options for swingers parties and cruises. The only downside to this site is the very small user base. You ll probably only find a few thousand users on the site at any given time.

That being said, this is the site to go to for finding extensive information on the swing lifestyle. Best Feature on SwingLifestyle: This site is great for finding more information about clubs, parties, and products just for swinging. There are tons of cool features to help you learn how to swing. I recommend checking out the swingers stories section of the site for some juicy details on the lives of real swingers.

Kasidie - Best for swinger clubs About Kasidie: This dating site is all about swinging and sexy, adult fun. Now, while you can use Kasidie to meet other swingers one-on-one, I highly suggest using this website to find swingers clubs and parties. The site boasts hundreds of swinging parties, events, and resort takeovers that are guaranteed to be a great time.

25 Best Swinger Sites and Apps for Finding Local Swingers Near You

Kasidie makes user privacy a top priority so that you can browse anonymously. This is great for those of you who are simply curious about the lifestyle, but not ready to fully commit.

There are hundreds of specific groups on the website dedicated to common interests such as wine, sports, and cooking, so you can find swingers with similar hobbies. Best Feature on Kasidie: Kasidie has one of the most robust offerings of swingers events out there. Not only can you find swinger events and parties in your own city— you can find free swinger events around the world. This is an awesome feature for swingers who are traveling around the world or in the United States.

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Reddit is a free social media app with several online swinger forums. This subreddit is dedicated to advice, how-tos, and articles, and websites just for swingers. So, if you just want to know more about becoming a swinger or need specific advice, you should definitely check out this site.

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Now, keep in mind, this subreddit is not designed to find hookups. If you re looking for a site to meet other swingers for casual sex, I would go with one of the other sites on this list. That being said, this is probably the best social media option if you need real advice from real swingers. You can create a post with a specific question and get honest answers from other members.

The fact that Reddit is totally free is just icing on the cake.


Feeld - Best for threesomes About Feeld: This website provides an exciting new option for alternative style relationships. Unlike most dating apps, Feeld is designed specifically for couples.

Whether you re interested in swinging or finding a threesome partner, this website will have plenty of options. Most apps of this nature are not found in major app stores, so it s great to have this option. Once you re signed up for Feeld, you ll find that it works much like any other dating app.

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You can "like" other profiles, and if they "like" you back, you become Connections. You can message and exchange photos with your Connections to get the ball rolling.

You can enjoy all of Feeld s basic features for free. There is also a paid version called Majestic that offers a few extra features like the ability to see people who have already liked you.

Best Feature on Feeld: One very cool feature from this website is the ability to search by desire.

Swinger Dating app on iOS / Android

That means you can search through user profiles according to specific interests, kinks, or fetishes. This comes in very handy for anyone looking for a tailored swinging experience. You ll have to sign up for the paid membership to get access to this feature. On top of that, it s one of the best swinger websites that doesn t charge a membership fee. Now, the one downside to this website is the old school layout.