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In an ideal situation, both of you are in a private place, so you can turn up the volume and hear every detail, but if you have housemates or need to be conscious of the volume level then using discrete earbuds is probably the best option. How Should you Dress for Skypesex? Since your date will be virtual and you will only be able to experience a few of the senses you would normally with a partner, you should make sure these are as enjoyable as possible Many people underestimate what is involved in having a successful Skype sex session.

If you think that having Skype sex is as easy as just putting on your webcam and getting naked with each other, then you will quickly find out that there is a lot more involved to make it successful and enjoyable for both parties. There are many ways in which you can make it even more fun and exciting. First of all, it is not advisable to sit in front of your webcam with casual, everyday clothes on, make sure that you look just as nice and attractive as if you would for a date in real life.

For women, tight, revealing, and low-cut clothing or just sexy lingerie will work well. For men make sure that not only you look attractive, but that you wear clothing that you might on a real-life date or that you have been complimented on before.

You can surprise your partner with sexy outfit or ask them in advance if there is something special that really turns them on.

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How to Actually have Skype Sex The first way to start a Skype sex session is to send suggestive messages via your favorite messaging service.

Because this can be done completely anonymously and without obligation, an erotic chat date is the easiest to find online, easier than a real sex date for example. And not only that, it is also a lot of fun to do. For many persons, it is one of the best ways to relax after a long day at work or of course to get in the mood for a real sex chat. Some people like to stick to an exciting erotic chat via Skype. But the horny chat can also be a stepping stone to more intensive online or offline contact.

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For example, how about the option to turn on the webcam? Webcam sex is also very easy to arrange via Skype. Once you have started a Skype sex session with your partner, then you must remember than you cannot do everything you would in real life such as kissing and touching. You might have to extra vocal. Do you usually pant or moan during sex? Do that during the video sex call, how strange that may seem when you are sitting or lying alone in front of the webcam.

5 Tips For Having Hot Skype Sex With Your Partner In A Long-Distance Relationship

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How to Have the Perfect Skype Sex Date

It s certain to ruin the mood and your climax. When you re in a long-distance relationship, you have to work harder to keep the romance alive, so that means pulling out all the stops when you have date nights or a sex sesh with your partner.

Invest in some sexy lingerie that you can incorporate into part of the routine. Since you can t have physical foreplay in the traditional sense of the word, doing a strip tease might be the best way to ease into a potentially awkward situation.

Allow for your partner to compliment how you look, maybe engage in some dirty talk, and then, take the conversation to the next level. Anything you d do having sex IRL to make it that much hotter, do while having sex on your webcam as well.

That means still engage in dirty talk, moaning, and heavy breathing, however unnatural these things may feel since you re alone.

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Remember, Skype sex is supposed to be an interactive event between you and your partner, so make sure that they feel included and responsible for your orgasm. You want them to feel like they are right there with you.

And to do that, you ve got to get a little bit porn-y during the experience. Make Sure You Both Get Off Guille Faingold When engaging in video-chat sex, it s important that both you and your partner orgasm, otherwise, you re just watching someone masturbate on camera, and there s porn for that. Skype sex is a way to keep the physical aspect of your relationship alive while you re doing things long-distance. That means that it should replicate actual sex as closely as possible and work to foster closeness and intimacy between you as a couple while you re away from one another.

So if one of you climaxes before the other, make sure that you keep going until both of you finish. That s the number one rule of Skype sex : It s for both of you.