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Why does expressing sexual desires and fantasies ironically in the land of a billion and counting still draw such abject reactions in society?

ASK Goes Global: Swaziland 2011

Why does sex talk still create such a fuss? Experts weigh in.

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Chennai-based sexologist Dr Narayana Reddy believes it is largely because of a predominantly patriarchal society in most parts of the world. The ancient Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfilment, Kamasutra, talks about different ways to pleasure a woman, but today society seems to have forgotten the essence of it.

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Communication strategies support the outreach work, needle exchanges, counselling, and education that are central to the project. Contact: life lals. HIV positive people gave testimonies to bring home the reality of the disease and decrease sexual myths and rumours.

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Supported by The European Union. Contact: Karen Merkel karen. The theme of traditionalism versus modernism pervades the programme, which "reached millions". Contact: PCI pciny population.

Local radio programmes and brochures were provided for the rural areas of Benin.

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Contact: Lieve Fransen Lieve. Seeks to get South Africans talking about sex, sexuality and gender relations. Activities include: Jika Jika - TV youth sex talk show; S camto - young people s films of impromptu conversations with peers about sex and relationships; "New Youth Crossfire" on radio with Paul Rude Boy Minisi; and others.

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Swaziland has the highest rate of HIV in the world and is the poorest country in the world. Women are particularly affected by this epidemic. Our trip was not about trying to change a community. Our trip was to nurture hope and compassion within ourselves as social workers and in those we met.