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But back to what you were saying, Belle s dad, Richard, refused to pass, but her mom Genevieve, thought, you know, it was a better option for the family, so much so that she let her husband go.

After the split, Genevieve never spoke of Richard again to the children, which was hard for Belle because she adored her father. He d encouraged her interest in art and in history and all kinds of intellectual pursuits. That s how she explained her olive or dusky complexion. What part of this story is historical, and what part of this story is fiction?

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But this is a fictional imagining of what went through her head while she was passing. Go where, Peola? But you don t know what it is to look white and be Black. You don t know.

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I can t go on this way any longer. If Gene was here, he d be rolling his eyes at that line very hard. They believe Belle was passing not cause she wanted to be white, but so she could exercise her freedom to go as far as she could as a curator and what I guess we d call today an influencer.

Most of all, Belle had to give up the idea of having a family of her own. MERAJI: Wow - because if she married someone who was white, she couldn t guarantee that her children would be as light as she was, or even look "Portuguese.

So Belle stayed single. She became the toast of the town. She was seen at all the best parties, all the important openings and auditions. She was written up in the society pages in New York because she was Morgan s personal representative.

And nobody was going to cross Some of his rivals, like Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller, were richer. But nobody was more powerful. Your boss is filthy rich.

Belle s success enabled her family - well, her mother and her siblings - to live comfortably as white people. They depended on her substantial income. If Belle had come out as colored, all that would have evaporated. MERAJI: Instead, she lived hiding in plain sight for decades and was estranged from her Black father, who was out there fighting for racial equity and equality. That is a lot. And I m sure she must have been wondering the entire time if she was going to get caught, found out.

Belle was the librarian at the Morgan, as it s now known, for more than four decades. She stayed on after Morgan died. And after Morgan s death, she got Jack Morgan, So visitors and scholars and bibliophiles, even you and me, Shereen, can enjoy this amazing collection - a collection she amassed and shaped on his behalf.

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It was the one thing that made all this sacrifice really worth it. I don t know if the Morgan was one of those places or if they welcomed people of color into the library in Belle s lifetime. But maybe Belle s field of vision was further in the future than that. So she burned her papers and died as a white woman. But now that this book has revealed her true race I m wondering if you all think that your book, by telling Belle s story, may free her in death in ways that she couldn t be freed when she was actually alive.

You just summed it up. We think we get to tell the truth when she had to lie. That s the thing that makes me so happy - that I hope she s smiling, that now she s able to still have all of her accomplishments laid out there. But this story, as you ve been telling it to me, is totally playing out like a movie in my head. Rashida Jones laughter is playing Belle. Donald Sutherland is I m not sure yet who is Richard Greener in my head.

Would be a perfect Richard People at the movie studios, if you haven t already optioned the book Thank you so much, Bates.

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That was fascinating. You can find the books we ve talked about here and a few more on our website, npr. And don t forget, we want to hear your honest feedback on our podcast. So go to npr. It takes just a few minutes. Following Pakistani wedding customs, they had mapped out three days of festivities.

But the pandemic ruined all of them. As an interracial and culturally diverse couple, the logistics of explaining the customs of a Pakistani wedding to her in-laws had been difficult for Syeda.

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A week before the festivities were to be held, concerns about the virus were growing, and both events were canceled. Valima and Shaadi were important to Yugar, who converted to Islam about a year and half ago.

He was born and raised Catholic, but never truly practiced the faith. Yugar hid his exploration into the religion from this family for the first eight months.