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Ashley Daugherty Chief Scientific Officer, Nephron Employee Benefits To encourage employees to live well and lead healthy lives, Nephron provides a wide range of helpful tools, including a comprehensive employee benefits program. The application also may require disclosure by the applicant of the conviction of any intended occupant for violating any laws pertaining to the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance as defined by law. A service animal means an animal that is trained for the purposes of assisting or accommodating the sensory, mental, or physical disability of a disabled person.

Under the law, the provision of emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship does not constitute the work or tasks of a service animal; and "Whereas, no vest, other marking, or documentation is required for an animal to qualify as a service animal, nor are such vests, markings, or documentation a reliable indication of whether an animal is, by law, a service animal.

These misrepresentations, in some cases, are unlawful deceptive trade practices and compound the confusion around service animals; and "Whereas, commendably, federal and state laws require places of public accommodation, including airports, restaurants, theaters, stores, hospitals, and more, to allow any animal that is presented as a service animal into the place of public accommodation. These same places of public accommodation face a dilemma if someone enters the premises and intentionally misrepresents his animal as a service animal; and "Whereas, when people try to falsely represent a nonservice animal as a service animal, business owners and other places of public accommodation become increasingly distrustful that the animals being represented to them as service animals are, in fact, service animals.

Misrepresentation of service animals delegitimizes the program and makes it harder for persons with disabilities to gain unquestioned acceptance of their legitimate, properly trained, and essential service animals.

Now, therefore, [Text of Act].

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Interference with the exercise of any right under this chapter. It is unlawful to coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with any person in the exercise of, or on account of his having aided or encouraged any other person in the exercise of, any right granted under this chapter. Administration of chapter.

A The commission shall administer the provisions of this chapter.

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B The commission may delegate any of its functions, duties, and powers to its employees including functions, duties, and powers with respect to investigating, conciliating, hearing, determining, ordering, certifying, reporting, or otherwise acting as to any work, business, or matter under this chapter. Powers of commission. However, the commission may not delegate its decision-making authority to a nongovernmental agency.

An agreement with the Department of Housing and Urban Development may include provisions under which the department shall refrain from processing a charge in this State in any class specified in the agreement.

Investigations by commission; subpoenas. A In conducting an investigation, the commission shall have access at all reasonable times to premises, records, documents, individuals, and other evidence or possible sources of evidence and may examine, record, and copy the materials and take and record the testimony or statements of persons as are reasonably necessary for the furtherance of the investigation, provided the commission first complies with the provisions of the State Constitution relating to unreasonable searches and seizures.

The commission may issue subpoenas to compel its access to or the production of the materials or the appearance of the persons and may issue interrogatories to a respondent, to the same extent and subject to the same limitations as would apply if the subpoenas or interrogatories were issued or served in aid of a civil action in court.

The commission may administer oaths. B Upon written application to the commission, a respondent is entitled to the issuance of a reasonable number of subpoenas by and in the name of the commission to the same extent and subject to the same limitations as subpoenas issued by the commission itself.

C Within five days after service of a subpoena upon any person, the person may petition the commission to revoke or modify the subpoena.

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The commission shall grant the petition if it finds that the subpoena requires appearance or attendance at an unreasonable time or place, that it requires production of evidence which does not relate to any matter under investigation, that it does not describe with sufficient particularity the evidence to be produced, or that compliance would be unduly onerous or for other good reason.

E Witnesses summoned by a subpoena under this chapter are entitled to the same witness and mileage fees as witnesses in proceedings in court. Fees payable to a witness summoned by a subpoena issued at the request of a party must be paid by that party or, where a party is unable to pay the fees, by the commission. Complaints; process and handling; conciliation; effect of local laws; civil action. F Upon notification by any party that any party or witness has failed to permit access, failed to comply with a subpoena or subpoena duces tecum, refused to have his deposition taken, refused to answer interrogatories, or otherwise refused to allow discovery, the commission, upon notice to the party or witness, shall apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for an order requiring discovery and other good-faith compliance unless the commission determines that the discovery would be unreasonably or unduly burdensome.

G Upon request by the commissioner, the chairman of the commission shall designate a panel of three members of the commission to sit as the commission to hear the complaint. H At any hearing held pursuant to this section, the case in support of the complaint must be presented before the panel by one or more of the commission s employees or agents or by legal representatives of the complaining party.

Vision 2030

Endeavors at conciliation by the investigator may not be received into evidence nor otherwise made known to the members of the panel. I The respondent shall submit a written answer to the complaint and appear at the hearing in person or by counsel and may submit evidence. The respondent may amend his answer reasonably and fairly.

J The complainant must be permitted to be present and submit evidence. A recording of the proceedings must be made, which may be transcribed subsequently upon request and payment of a reasonable fee by the complainant or the respondent.

The commission may retain jurisdiction of the case until it is satisfied of compliance by the respondent of its order. M If, upon all the evidence at the hearing, the panel finds that the respondent has not engaged in any unlawful discriminatory practice, the panel shall state its findings of fact and serve upon the complainant and the respondent an opinion and order dismissing the complaint as to the respondent.

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A prevailing respondent may apply to the commission for an award of reasonable attorney s fees and costs. N A copy of the opinion and order of the commission must be delivered in all cases to the Attorney General and to such other public officers as the commission considers proper.

Copies of the opinion and order must be available to the public for inspection upon request, and copies must be made available to any person upon payment of a reasonable fee set by the commission.

In case of an appeal from the decision of the commission, the appeal operates as a supersedeas for thirty days only, unless otherwise ordered by the administrative law judge, and after that the respondent is required to comply with the order involved in the appeal or certification until the questions at issue in it are determined fully in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. No pending or vested right, civil action, special proceeding, or appeal of a final administrative decision exists under the former law as of the effective date of this act, except for appeals of Department of Health and Environmental Control Ocean and Coastal Resource Management and Environmental Quality Control permits that are before the Administrative Law Court on the effective date of this act and petitions for judicial review that are pending before the circuit court.

For those actions only, the department shall hear appeals from the administrative law judges and the circuit court shall hear pending petitions for judicial review in accordance with the former law.

Thereafter, any appeal of those actions shall proceed as provided in this act for review.

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For all other actions pending on the effective date of this act, the action proceeds as provided in this act for review. Civil action; damages. A A civil action must be commenced within one year after the alleged discriminatory housing practice has occurred.

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However, the court shall continue a civil case brought pursuant to this section from time to time before bringing it to trial if the court believes that the conciliation efforts of the commission or local agency are likely to result in satisfactory settlement of the discriminatory housing practice complained of in the complaint made to the commission or to the local agency and which practice forms the basis for the action in court.

Any sale, encumbrance, or rental consummated before the issuance of any court order issued under the authority of this chapter and involving a bona fide purchaser, encumbrances, or tenant without actual notice of the existence of the filing of a complaint or civil action under the provisions of this chapter are not affected.

A civil action may be commenced by an aggrieved person whether or not a complaint has been filed with the commission. B The court may grant as relief, as it considers appropriate, any permanent or temporary injunction, temporary restraining order, or other order and may award the plaintiff actual damages, and punitive damages, together with court costs and reasonable attorney s fees in the case of a prevailing party, if the prevailing party in the opinion of the court is not financially able to assume the attorney s fees.

Coordination regarding complaint filed with multiple agencies.