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I think most of the time it is caused and encouraged by women. If you take a closer look most women who occupy high government posts are the ones who form part of a bigger statistic.

Missing six-year-old Limpopo girl found dead in a neighbour’s house

They resort to younger men as they give lot of money to them. Males, Mokopane, Limpopo I know a guy who was doing matric and he was in love with our female teacher.

They were not hiding their relationship.

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This teacher used to give this guy a car; they would kiss and everybody will see. Witbank FGD Yes it does happen, who cares? WSW, Western Cape In few instances from rural locations , participants indicated that sugar mommy practices did not happen in their communities as this was regarded as an insult and a health hazard.

It differs across communities, in our community it is not practiced; it is regarded as an insult but we can say love is not determined by age but it is not used in our community. Adult males, Limpopo People still think that when a young man sleeps with an older woman the chances are that the young man might develop a kidney condition and some think that he might not bear children or impregnate a woman as he grows older and therefore shy away from sugar mommy practices.

WSW, Atteridgeville … in my community, it is not common; it is regarded as an insult … Adult male, Limpopo Or maybe is in the suburbs; not here in the community. Male teenagers, Northern Cape Acceptability and non-acceptability of sugar mommy practices Some participants viewed sugar mommy practices as acceptable.

Love knows no age limit Typical responses were: … love doesn t ask for age … Northern Cape, male teenagers Time changes and age does not count anymore. WSW, Gauteng Age is only a number and nothing else. North West, adult females The right age is a myth. Free State, mixed teenagers People should have space to choose what they want.

Free State, mixed teenagers It is a means of survival, social or economic gain Some will accept it because if the older person now gives him money to make love to her, then the child will bring the money home so that the parents can buy food or electricity or so.

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Northern Cape, male teenagers … other parents are happy because their standard of living will be improved. North West, adult females Some other wives accept such behaviour to let their husbands go for women who have more money. Some even open the accounts to save this money. Males of all ages, Limpopo … I have finished my studies and I am looking for a job; then I meet this lady, and she loves me.

She then supports me financially and I use her money to support my family as well because they took me through school. I can now manage to maintain them though I do not have a job. So parents are not against the whole affair because this lady gives me money. Yeah, the greatest thing above all is because they like money, not that they like the whole thing Male teenagers, Eastern Cape There is nothing wrong with it The view that was expressed was that if older men could have sexual relationships with younger women, then older women should have relationships with younger men.

I personally see nothing wrong with that. Free State, mixed teenagers Perceived reasons for non-acceptability of sugar mommy practices The perceived reasons for non-acceptability of sugar mommy practices among males of different age groups across provinces were: the relationship is driven by lust, financial gain and inappropriate social behaviour. The relationship is driven by lust … when older people try to advise young men, they say they want to test what their parents tested sexual desire so adults discontinue to advise them.

Adult males, Limpopo The relationship is driven by financial gain They are interested in money … what other reasons are there that a young man will go out with an older woman?

Male teenagers, Northern Cape … young men use drugs before they go to these women to kill their conscience because they do it to get money because they know that these relationships are not accepted.

Perceptions of sugar mommy practices in South Africa

Adult males, Limpopo … young men will lack a good sense of responsibility because they are always receiving and they give less in return. WSW, Gauteng Inappropriate social behaviour I think what causes this is lack of ethical and moral values. If you are an older woman and have a relationship with men younger than your age this shows that you have a serious problem in promoting ubuntu … Adult male, Limpopo … this is an indication of lack of self-respect … Males of all ages, Limpopo Province Perceived reasons why older women have sexual relationships with younger men The perceived reasons why older women have sexual relationships with younger men, across age groups, gender and geographic location, included: sexual fulfilment, domination, stress relief, physical attraction, procreation, lack of self-control, youthful feeling, migrancy, not finding partners of compatible age and young men seen as not demanding.

Sexual fulfilment The main reason given within and across groups as to why older women have sexual relationships with younger men was to fulfil sexual needs that spouses or sex partners of their own age cannot fulfil. The reasons advanced were that older men do not provide sexual pleasure and satisfaction due to ill-health, low sexual drive, physical inactivity, poor sexual performance and loss of sexual interest, while on the contrary younger men provide better sex, are highly sexually active, strong, healthy, fresh, gentle and energetic.

Participants indicated that men normally lose interest much earlier than women and this in turn forces women to hunt for younger blood in order to satisfy their sexual cravings.

Funa igazi lo mfana, want the blood of the young boy. If the man at home does not service well at home, so the woman goes and looks for a young boy because younger men give better sex; they still have the energy, they are therefore highly sexually active and give older women all the satisfaction they need.

Male teenagers, Northern Cape Older men suffer from different diseases like sugar diabetes and high blood pressure which affect their sexual performance. Adult men, Limpopo; mixed male and female teenagers, Free State Domination Participants within and across groups indicated that sugar mommies would like to have someone they can instruct to do what they want them to do. Older women use their resources to exert some influence or domination over the younger sex partner. Younger men find themselves having no choice but to oblige lest they lose all the benefits they are getting from the relationship such as clothes and pocket money.

The woman wants the man to do what she wants him to do … the woman wants to sit on his head. The man does things the woman wants him to do. Maybe it s sometimes like — what do they call it now — black … blackmail. The sugar son has no room to refuse; it is more of instructing them than requesting them to do that.

The sugar mommy will instruct the younger man to drive around to do groceries, to the hair salon or to go pick her children from school and the sugar son does not have room enough to refuse.

It is more of instructing them than requesting them to do that. Male teenagers, Northern Cape Reduction of Stress Participants within and across groups cited reduction of stress as one of the reasons why sugar mommies have sexual relationships with younger men. Knowledge, attitude and practices of substance use among university students.

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Patient-perceived factors contributing to low tuberculosis cure rate at Greater Giyani healthcare facilities. Armooh, Maswanganyi, Oni, Mokonoto, Ramakuela and Mkhonta, Amosu and Pfungwa Mambanga, Robert Sirwali, Takalani Tshitangano.

Takalani Akinsola, Makhado Nengovhela, Segun Akinyemi and Olusola Momoh Geophagy, anaemia and geohelminth infection amongst non-pregnant women in Vhembe District, South Africa. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Scientific Research and Essay. Menopause and sexuality of older women in the rural villages Vhembe District, Limpopo Province.

Knowledge and beliefs about sexually transmitted infections among rural high school learners in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Perceptions of menopause and aging in rural villages of Limpopo Province, South Africa. Cultural practices on sexual health communication among rural women in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Mudau, Tugli and Knowledge about cervical cancer screening among women attending a rural hospital in Limpopo province of South Africa.

Perception on the severity of unwanted pregnancy among university students. Perception of susceptibility to the negative outcomes associated with unprotected sex among University of Venda students. Parental Attitudes towards sex education to teenage girls in Vhembe district of Limpopo Province. Knowledge of adverse effects of abortion and the attitudes of rural Tshivenda speaking teenagers towards choice of termination of pregnancy in Vhembe district, South Africa.

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