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Edited by Sherry Ortner and Harriet Whitehead.

Canada-Myanmar relations

Search in Google Scholar Scott, In: Kinship and Marriage in Burma. A Cultural and Psychodynamic Analysis. Secondly, I will expound on my field data relating to women in society and the power held by women within families and households. Finally, I will highlight the gap that arose in comparing literature and the data gained from my field research.

The Point of View Makes the Difference. Explaining the Position of Women in Myanmar

Claims and statements of different authors can only be compared if attention is paid to the differing perspectives and their respective methodologies. Edited by Mikael Gravers and Flemming Ytzen.

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Women and Power in Burmese History. However, Canada maintained sanctions against certain listed individuals and entities, which are still in place today. While the constitution, drafted under the former military regime, bars Ms. The peace process between the Government of Myanmar and the ethnic armed organizations EAOs is a key component of domestic politics in Myanmar. The objective of the peace process is to resolve the conflict between ethnic insurgency operations and the Government of Myanmar, including the military, through effective political dialogue and efforts to gradually integrate EAOs into the fold of federalism in Myanmar.

Canada continues to exercise its leadership in promoting international cooperation in response to the crisis in order to better coordinate assistance and align advocacy efforts.

Canada-Myanmar relations

Canada will also support efforts at the UN and in other multilateral institutions to build political will and coordinate international efforts. Overall, it aims to contribute to a future where diversity, inclusion, human rights and peace and security are respected. Recognizing that establishing a federal system is a key element of the political dialogue in the peace process, Canada has taken a leading role in training on federalism.

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