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Floods can t stop this honky-tonk from throwing a great party Week after week, the Houston area has been slammed with storms that have caused flooding, damage and heartbreak.

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On Saturday, Texas-born band Pushwater took the flooding situation into its own hands and decided to put some normality back into the community of Crosby. They ve all been cooped up in the house for two weeks.

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And they came to dance. Geared up with trashy tennis shoes or rain boots, several locals are seen in a video recorded by Angela Rives dancing along to Pushwater s Texas-twang music in ankle-deep water.

Pushwater s name seems extremely appropriate for this concert venue, but it has had that name since the family band formed about six years ago. The word "pushwater" honors Duke s grandfather, who got all of the members interested in music. Retouching for mature skin should never be strong handed.

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