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One man perceived a particular benefit to the routine. I would feel less in control of my life if I had to go and get this injection.

I would feel more positive about it if I could do it at home and looking after my own health. Some reactions were particularly negative. One was already taking daily PrEP pills that he had imported from overseas and another had tried to access PrEP from a sexual health clinic.

This may suggest a PrEP acceptability continuum: once men have considered PrEP acceptable enough to take, they may be more ready to consider alternative, more convenient methods.

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An intermittent PrEP regimen pills only needed before and after sex was sometimes seen as preferable because it might have fewer side-effects. For me that would be like a, you know, not overdoing my liver or kidney. However most of the participants used apps to find sexual partners and this was usually spontaneous.

Roughly a third were concerned that the pre-planning and organisation that this method required would not work for them. That would be a hassle. Kind of annoying I think. Users of crystal methamphetamine often report acute mental health problems, such as paranoid attacks or anxiety, according to Dr Bourne.

The feelings following an intense rush of euphoria can also leave a void in the mind — and body — as the arousal disappears and the ability to feel such an extreme level of happiness is taken away. His first encounter occurred in Halifax, Yorkshire, with one partner bringing the drugs into his home.

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Occurrences continued solely with this partner and took place every few months. But in London, things changed. The numbers went up drastically. All it took was the tap of a phone, for Hamilton to get the drugs and sex he wanted, almost instantly.

As the frequency, and number of partners, inevitably grew, so did his sexually transmitted infections STIs. He describes feeling psychologically incapable of happiness, which took him as far as balancing on a bridge on the river Thames. On another occasion he injected air into his veins.

Luckily, both attempts were unsuccessful. After failing to use clean needles, Hamilton came into contact with blood infected with Hepatitis C — a virus that infected and damages the liver — and was later diagnosed with the virus. His treatment lasted more than six months and involved a combination of interferon therapy and antiviral drug, Ribavirin.

Instead of focusing solely on risk, Dr Hickson believes that when it comes to sex, there are two behaviours that need attention: risk and precaution. Dr Hickson has been researching the role access to both risk and precaution has to play in HIV rates globally, when society — or a government — is restricting access to them. One example, is by endorsing homophobia.

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In more liberal countries this was vice versa, with more access to precautions, but also more access to risk. Homophobia was determined by a combination of factors, including the existence of prejudiced attitudes towards male homosexuality and the extent to which countries promoted unequal treatment of homosexuals, through the approval of discriminatory laws.

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The results were not as straightforward as expected as existing homophobia was found to both increase and decrease the likelihood of HIV transmission. As with chemsex, improved communications and mobile technologies have increased access to new people, behaviours and therefore risk. In countries with oppression, however, the same has not been true for access to prevention methods such as public health services and community-based sexual health education.

Options for people to protect themselves remain out of reach. Growth of both options has not been synonymous. Putting on a condom can be an enjoyable part of sex and does not have to feel like an interruption.

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If you re sensitive to latex, you can use polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms instead. A condom must not be used more than once. Use a new one each time you have sex. Condoms have a use-by date on the packaging. Do not use out-of-date condoms. This means they ve been tested to high safety standards. How a condom works Condoms are a "barrier" method of contraception. They are made of very thin latex rubber , polyurethane or polyisoprene and are designed to prevent pregnancy by stopping sperm from meeting an egg.

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They can also protect against STIs if used correctly during vaginal, anal and oral sex. Make sure that your penis does not touch your partner s genital area before you have put on a condom — semen can come out of the penis before full ejaculation you have come.

If this happens, or if semen gets into your partner s vagina during vaginal sex while using a condom, you may need emergency contraception.

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You should also consider having an STI test. How to use a condom Take the condom out of the packet, being careful not to tear it with jewellery or fingernails. Do not open the packet with your teeth. Place the condom over the tip of the erect penis. If there s a teat on the end of the condom, use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the air out of it.

Gently roll the condom down to the base of the penis.