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For the most repulsive perverts, there are games with a mix of different kinks. I know a bastard like you would just love that. Your imagination has no limit. What is rejected by society can be embodied in sex simulators. You have access to literally everything that is considered immoral in the real world. But first, you need to know some details. I have already said that simulators combine several genres. The most interesting for me were and still are adventures or RPGs — they have the most action.

There is too much text in visual novels, so I quickly get bored with them.

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But like any genre, there are components that make the player understand: here it is, a fucking dating simulator. In some games, there are interactive games and sexual animations. Oh, man, catch the advice before you forget: if you really try, you can open fully animated dating sims scene with horny whores from the world of porn games. So, do all the tasks, watch the indicators of your bitches, and try to pass the game at the highest level.

Another plus that I have highlighted for myself is that polygamy is not condemned in sex simulators.

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