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Always have a backup battery. Livestreaming is a heavy drain on batteries. Keep your cables and connectors organized in such a way that you can easily tell someone else where to find something. Separate and label your storage: audio, video, USB cables, microphones, tools, etc.

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Even the latest technical equipment might not be optimal for live streaming. Check your internet upload speed at a site like speedtest.

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Know your quality options if your speed drops lower than expected. Put an umbrella over it or use a cooling fan. Ask for feedback from a friend or colleague on that live test run to know what will require your attention for the real thing. Start with the cables, and work your way through the setup, using all of your backup components. Set things up early.

40 Live Streaming Tips To Make Your Broadcast Better

If you plan on talking, minimize the background noise. A lapel mic or even the typical headphone-mic combo can achieve this. A foam wind cover on the lapel mic helps. For those who plan to be on camera, wear a single color shirt—no stripes or squares! For live streaming with your phone: Match your framing, lighting, sound, and surroundings to your intended effect. For a prepared presentation, use a tripod for your phone and a lapel mic if the environment is not quiet and ensure that the lighting highlights you or what you are trying to show.

Podcast 127: SPLTStream Demo, Camiplay, and Joining/Leaving a Studio!

Spend some time with your camera operator s and let them know exactly what you want to see out of the camera from zooming to being mindful of the score graphic. The gray background with blue fonts look lacklustre and boring, as the site doesn t make use of fancy graphics at all.

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