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Oil and gas are the main sources of national income.

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Psychiatric departments were opened in general hospitals for acute patients called first-line services and the building was begun of large psychiatric hospitals for long-stay patients called second-line services. Organisation of mental health services The Ministry of Health is responsible for planning, budgeting and monitoring health services in a highly bureaucratic and centralised way. The state provides psychiatric care free of charge.

Most psychotropic drugs — even atypical antipsychotics — are available free of charge for people who have a chronic mental illness.

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Under an agreement on social welfare between the Ministry of National Solidarity and the public national insurance company, people with chronic mental disorders with insurance coverage receive a disability pension.

No mental health services are available for the elderly, who are generally cared for by their families. Out-patient facilities Out-patient psychiatric care is predominantly provided at psychiatric dispensaries called intermediate centres of mental health by a psychiatrist and a nurse. They are located in cities and towns and cater for a geographical catchment area.

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Youth Leadership Program with Algeria

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