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Hot women are prizes for douchebags after all and thus greatly sought after by such. Douchebags have to provide enough equal value in exchange — and seemingly do so in great numbers.

And so the hots seem to get the attention and the value while the nots sit by and cry about it. This dude has a full head of hair. For real. Douchebags get that attention because they actually make their move. Part of why Rochkind could have anyone he wanted [citation needed] is because he felt that his value — being an equities manager — was enough to attract women.

As a result: he put himself out there more and presumably had more success. You could have that success and date hot women as well… if you can answer one question. That question is: what do you have of value that other people would be interested in? Think carefully because this is a multi-faceted question.


You have to have more going for you; when your looks are the only thing you have to offer, then that attraction is going to fade quickly.

Personality counts for far more, especially over time. Having passion, intellectual curiosity and an engaging life is going to be more important for not just relationships but attraction.

It may be the way he makes her feel.

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She may sing like an angel. So what is it that you have that makes you worth dating?

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What value do you bring to the table that would justify people being interested in you as they get to know you? What drives you, puts the spring in your step, gives you that charismatic focus and certainty that people love? How could I be insecure, standing here with my priceless first editions of Homer and Euripides?

But that feeling is fleeting at best. The problem, as Rochkind, Young and others have found is that relying on the beauty of others to give them meaning is hollow at best. That person may be hot but makes them uncomfortable in one way or another.


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