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But what about what women want? So basically, Jon Hamm. Obviously, this isn t a hard-and-fast rule. After all, if Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling showed up on your doorstep, would you really turn them away on account of their hair color?

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Otherwise, you can invite your potential dating friend to an adult web cam chat so you can see what precisely is in store for you and grant the same courtesy to your partner. Chances are you are personally a fan of an iconic blonde or have long thought about becoming one yourself.

But being blonde comes with a price Still, there are some surprising benefits of living life as a blonde. Would you turn to the light side if it could impact your sex life or make you more money?

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Hair color may seem like a small detail but being blonde can have more consequences than you d think — good and bad. Here s the truth about blondes. Men do prefer blondes Shutterstock If the title didn t tip you off, the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes suggested to viewers that men were particularly into light-haired ladies.

We get it though. With Lorelei Lee played by the blonde Marilyn Monroe, even a die-hard brunette lover would swoon. While we ve been told men love blondes, most of us have turned the other cheek, considering it just a stereotype.

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Who would have thought that science actually proved this expression to be true? The findings proved that men viewed the women with light hair to be more attractive, have better health, and appear more youthful.

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The study also showed that men base complex relationship decisions on a woman s appearance. So, yes, ladies! Guys are judging your looks to decide whether or not you are a good life partner. If you thought all the time spent visiting the salon to get that luscious light hue or shopping for the perfect outfit went unnoticed, you were wrong all along.

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Blondes get paid more Shutterstock Perhaps you can brush off that blondes have more fun, but what if we told you they make more dough? And it wasn t just a dollar more here and there. This isn t the only study that proved this phenomenon. An experiment performed by Cornell University had waitresses complete an online survey about their physical characteristics, self-perceptions, and tip income. The findings concluded that blondes accrued more income than their red-headed, brunette, or black-haired counterparts.

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But it doesn t stop there. The women received significantly more tips while blonde. Blondes really do have more funds! Blondes are better in bed Shutterstock Sex is an important part of a relationship and can help deepen the connection between two people. You can learn a lot about yourself through your sex life and whether you explore new things or stick to the same ol routine.

But did you know that your hair color has an influence over your romantic life? But before all you dark-haired beauties call bologna, there are some other notable findings from the survey that you may want to hear. The men in the same survey also said that brunettes were better kissers and more sensual. Blondes take longer to get ready Shutterstock They say beauty is pain but we say beauty is simply time-consuming — especially when it comes to a woman s morning routine.

Shaving, blow-drying, applying make-up, and curling your hair does not happen instantly! Brunettes, on the other hand, were more likely to go out of the house without doing their hair or makeup at all. Whether you lighten your hair monthly and stay true to a strict make up routine or you go out bare-faced is totally a personal decision, but we re sure all women look gorg either way!