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If you want to live like a boss and have a harem of girls check out this eBook. Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Istanbul for casual sex or a serious relationship. Touching a leg would be very inappropriate, as this is considered a sexual gesture. When business partners talk to a third individual, briefly putting a hand on the upper back or shoulder of the third individual is an indication of mutual trust.

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Remember to avoid touching the lower back, as this could be seen as sexual. Eye Contact Maintain direct eye contact when you can, as this is what is often expected and appreciated.

There may be cases when women will avoid having direct eye contact with men. Come to the Point Please Communication style would mainly depend on the context of the situation.

They may actually take ages to get to the point, so be patient.

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On the other hand, when it comes to other things such as politics, people may be very direct and even confrontational. In business conversations, a little small talk is usually expected and appreciated before going into the issues at hand.

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The Turks are actually quite generous with their time. There is no single definition of time. Like their communication styles, the definition of time would largely depend on the context of the situation.

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If it is a social occasion, you would not be considered rude if you happen to arrive late. The consequence of this would be that in general, you should never expect people to get to an event or occasion on time. Trains and buses are usually on time or thereabouts.