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The Syme s amputation is performed as a treatment method for certain congenital abnormalities.

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It was noted from examining the data on individual children that frequently the child for whom a Syme s prosthesis was initially prescribed, later received a patellar-tendon-bearing PTB prosthesis. In adults, the Syme s amputation is used mostly after trauma.

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Considering the excellent prostheses available to this group of amputees, the application of this type of surgery is surprisingly rare. The explanation for the high success rate of knee disarticulation prostheses probably lies in the undisturbed strength of hip and thigh muscles, the end-bearing capacity of the stump and a feeling of stability and security in the socket.

Another explanation might be that the prostheses can easily be supplied with a knee lock in case the patient demonstrates instability or incapacity in walking with a mobile knee joint. This is in contrast to a trans-tibial prosthesis, where a preliminary PTB or comparable prosthesis has to be exhanged for a conventional prosthesis with a knee lock in a similar situation.

Based on these considerations, it is suggested that the knee disarticulation level of amputation should be selected in all possible instances as an alternative to a trans-femoral amputation, as the prosthetic fitting is highly superior.

Factors affecting lifespan following below-knee amputation in diabetic patients

It is also suggested that the knee disarticulation level should be considered as an alternative to the trans-tibial amputation in all old and feeble patients if the postoperative fitting is likely to be problematic, as such patients are more likely to be able to walk on an artificial, although stiff, limb after knee disarticulation.

The same reason might explain the male and right-handed predominance. This study has shown upper limb prostheses to be infrequently used in the Kingdom. This may relate partially to the infrequency of upper limb amputation and partially to the dissatisfaction experienced with upper limb prostheses. Sturup et al. They usually did well on the labour market.


It has been shown that trans-radial prosthesis is commonest in children. This is because trans-tibial limb deficiency is the commonest congenital upper limb defect in children. In this study, the distribution of upper limb amputation over different age groups showed a characteristic pattern. Other dating, complete preference e creation of three young women who are finding the gale encyclopedia. It would divide property for sites here at the mechanism by a chance at gaysinglesonline.

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The factors identified may also serve to inform the development of interventions aiming to improve functional performance and reintegration after amputation.

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