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Using our chat, deaf and hearing singles can communicate effectively. Deaf Dating Zone Deafdatingzone. Kiss of Deaf KissofDeaf.

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Deaf Match DeafMatch. Other times the girls and guys would be in groups.

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Being deaf, I can picture now the reason why I was not noticed or included because my face would come across so serious due to just trying to follow the conversation. Being a visual reader of people, I noticed the girls who were part of the group did not want anything to do with me.

Despite this, and being competitive, I would hang in there knowing if I did not stay and try it would signal defeat on my behalf.

Dating As a Deaf Guy in a Hearing World Hear For You

Even with the modern technological advances of having hearing aids now having directional microphones does help a bit but one has to work it out, and adapt quickly to meet the challenges of the modern environment.

Naturally, like a jungle, what may have made it more challenging is that everyone seems to be out for themselves looking for their own perfect match. You might read this as cruel and offensive, but to be honest when it happens many times, you just have to move on and not let it get to you.

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Like searching for a job, we have online search engines for a date. You can be sure there will be people thinking this is too hard and not worth finding out more about me.

The fear of stigma still resonates on paper for many deaf Australians, all simply trying to find their way. When I do and these are mainly with women who may not have had a conversation with a deaf man before. Being one who wants to impress, I would try and create dating situations that would make it comfortable for the female rather than worry about myself.

Dating As a Deaf Guy in a Hearing World

I am of the thinking, that if they are giving me a go, I need to try harder to make them have a great time and feel appreciated. By doing this, looking back on this, I may have caused more harm than good.

My subconscious checklist will be as follows: Is there enough light so I can see her face clearly? Will I be in a position to be able to hear and lip read to get the conversations flowing? If there is a seat on the wall, will my directional mode in hearing aids work, while at the same time will she be comfortable?

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The venue is right, and I get to the place only to find that the music is louder or the light has dimmed. One date I remembered meeting for the first time after getting her number at bar with friends, the venue was perfect until the lights went down. I told her of the situation but she insisted that we stay and thrash it out. The internet is perfect for this niche!

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The problem is that some of the websites are quality deaf dating sites and some are mediocre at best. Best Dating Sites makes sure you have the right information, the most current information to make a decision as to what deaf dating site to join. If you are going to spend the money to join one of these sites, dont you first want the very best info on each site and even reviews by other deaf singles that have used the website?

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