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§ 25–101. Definitions.

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No hitting into the fences. Pick up all trash in and around the entire facility at the conclusion of each game. In the case of inclement weather, scheduling decisions will be made by Madison College and the field supervisor.

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Rain outs — Madison College will attempt to accommodate teams when a rainout occurs. Make-up games will be scheduled through the Athletic Department Scheduling Coordinator within policy parameters. Warm-up may take place in the outfield only. Batting practice must occur in the cage.

Laws Prohibiting Alcohol Sales To Intoxicated Persons

Bathrooms will be available for your use. The clubhouse will not be available for use under any circumstances.

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If the concession stand is used, the area must be properly cleaned and all supplies removed. Lights for night games require advanced approval and a fee will be assessed to the User.

The home dugout is on the first base side. Only adults will be allowed on top of the clubhouse viewing area. The permit holder, in consideration for the granting of this permit, accepts responsibility for the care of the facilities authorized by this permit and any property assigned, and for all damage to the facilities and assigned property while this permit is in effect.

The permit holder agrees to observe all laws of the City and of the State and all rules of Madison College. Further, the permit holder agrees to indemnify and to hold the college, its officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, costs or expenses which arise out of the permit holders use or operation of the facilities authorized by this permit.

External groups: A certificate of insurance, as evidence of liability coverage, is required for groups engaging in challenge course programming.

Alcohol Policy

Any food, materials or equipment to be brought into the building must be approved in advance and indicated on the permit. Equipment and furniture to be used in assigned areas only. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the District premises. Petitions may not be circulated on District premises without a permit.

Soliciting is prohibited on District premises. Political contributions are prohibited on District premises. A personal injury coverage insurance certificate is required prior to the event. User Responsibilities Scheduling An internal organization is an officially recognized club, organization, department or School of the college. The special external organizations include other non-profit educational institutions, employers recruiting through the Madison College Career Center and certain vendors with special arrangements with the College.

There are times when external groups may be sponsored by internal clubs, organizations, departments, or Schools at the college. These sponsored groups will have certain restrictions placed on their use of the tables: If the external group plans sell goods or services, a substantial portion of the sales must benefit the sponsoring club, organization, department, or School.

Requests in person will not always be honored. Table reservations are then scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Tables must be reserved at least one week in advance using the Room Reservation form.

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Last minute requests for tables will be permitted at the discretion of Campus Scheduling and Event Services. Student clubs and organizations may only schedule tables on a semester basis. Clubs submitting the Room Reservation form must have the approval of their advisor. Each club should designate only one person to submit the Room Reservation forms to avoid multiple requests. Each organization, club, department or School may only use a table up to four times per month.

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Tables are reserved for the entire day; you may not split your time or the table with another club, organization or department. Seasonal requests, where a display conflicts with health ordinances in the cafeteria, college sponsored job or educational recruitment fairs, large fundraising activities. As the Adoption process for the Veterinary program can take more than the allotted four times per month, this program may extend their tabling as tables are available until their animals have homes.

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Tabling canceled without notice will count against an organizations monthly limit. The only exception to this condition is at the Downtown location where the table may be relocated to the public hallway — but the user MUST return the table at the end of their day. No home-made items or unwrapped goods. The only exception would be food provided by Madison College Food Services.

People staffing the table must stand behind or beside the table.

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Standing in front of the table may cause congestion and restrict movement. Public Safety will be called to enforce any violation if this becomes a safety hazard. Permits must be requested at least ten days in advance through Campus Scheduling and Event Services. Petitions by College recognized clubs or organizations that are germane to the business of the college do NOT require a Facility Use Permit, but are still required to request a table with specific dates and times the petitions are to be circulated.

Anyone can use the public sidewalk for the distribution of materials or the collection of signatures, but no one may block the path of people coming to or going from the building.

The public sidewalks outline the perimeter of the each College property. Candidates for political office must secure and pay for facility use like any other external organization, unless they are invited to participate in a College sponsored event. Endorsement of any political candidate may be sponsored only by an officially recognized student clubs or organizations. Student political clubs may sponsor an appearance by a candidate, but the candidate must be limited to a space reserved by the student club and confirmed by Campus Scheduling and Event Services.

Political candidates are not permitted to walk through the campus as it may interfere with the business of the college.

§ 25–101. Definitions.

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