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Haptic Communication To Facilitate Braille Instruction For DeafBlind Adults This presentation describes a research study designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of using Haptics during braille instruction.

Citywide Immunization Registry

Understanding the information and training needs of employers is an important part of this process. If you have supervised an employee who is deafblind within the past two years, please help us by filling out our online survey. You must also submit a certified copy of your birth certificate. In New York, you can get this from the state Department of Health. Where do I take my completed forms?

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Ask the clerk to file them. Give the clerk all your papers and the fee, and the clerk will give you an index number. What if I cannot afford to pay the filing fee? If you cannot afford the fee, ask the clerk for an application to file for free. Will the Court agree to change my name?

Welcome to the Maine Adult Resident/Adult Community Corrections Client Search Service

The Court usually agrees to the name change unless you want to do something illegal with the new name, like use it to trick somebody or hide from debts. Search data is updated on a daily basis.

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Who can use this service? Anyone wishing to search for information about active Maine adult residents or adult community corrections clients. For the purposes of this website it also includes adult residents under the jurisdiction of the Maine Department of Corrections that are housed in other locations, to include: county jails, other states, and federal facilities.