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People at risk for infection by sexual exposure Sex partners of people who are hepatitis B surface antigen HBsAg -positive. Sexually active people who are not in long-term, mutually monogamous relationships.

People seeking evaluation or treatment for a sexually transmitted disease. Men who have sex with men. Household contacts of people who are HBsAg-positive.

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We can find other examples with the Estonian ID card Identity, transport, voting A key component of Visa s multi-application offering is the flexible Open Platform technology. What is the cost of an average smart card? Trying to respond to this question is like asking the cost of a car without defining whether it is a Volkswagen or a new Rolls Royce. Let s be clear: the price of a smart card depends upon its capacity.

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Why is reloadability essential to the development of smart cards vis-a-vis disposable cards? There are markets for both disposable and reloadable cards.

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Disposable cards work well for an event and as a collectible card. If the card is a multiple application card supporting, for example, debit and credit and stored value, the customer would not want to throw this type of card away.

It would be more appropriate if the stored value application is reloadable. This process is sometimes called "post-issuance. Is it possible that such a diverse group can work together productively?

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