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Each member acknowledges and agrees that any information he or she submits to SDC for publication can be used, unconditionally, by SDC. Users also agree not to: Members will not harass, abuse or insult other members and will not use offensive or obscene words, names or phrases in any of their online communications.

Prohibited activities includes promoting another website of any type , another club or posting or publishing a party invitation to other than specific members. Upon receiving such notification, SDC will monitor the E-mail of all of the parties involved. If offensive behavior continues, membership of the offending member s will be terminated, at the sole discretion of SDC.

Further, if any monitored E-mails contain language involving threats, or any other violations of law, such E-mails will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. You acknowledge that SDC. Without limiting the foregoing, SDC. Users must carefully evaluate all risk with the use of User Data, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of User Data.

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Set guidelines for your time at an event prior to arriving at The O Zone. Respect the guidelines you set as a couple when attending an event and communicate them to prospective partners. Open, honest communication is imperative to forming relationships. Respect the guidelines and limits of others.

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Pay attention to body language. There is more to communication than words. Consider the body language of the person you are talking with and it will likely tell you more than the conversation you are having. Discretion is paramount in this lifestyle. Never, ever discuss details of The O Zone or what you have seen here once you leave.

Everything you do, everything you see, must remain private.

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Jealousy is a normal reaction and quite natural. Deal with it head on. Discover what triggers jealousy in your relationship and work it out together.

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It may mean modifying your activities, but your relationship together is not worth jeopardizing over swinging. Always let your primary partner know they are Number One. Arrive together, take time to make them feel special and touch base often, as these little steps help make one feel secure in their relationship.

And always leave The O Zone together. Include measures for screening, physical distancing, masks, cleaning, disinfecting, PPE, as well as preventing and controlling crowding. Be in writing and made available to any person for review, on request. Be posted in a place which is visible to workers and patrons. Physical Distancing Bathhouse and sex club operators are required to ensure that their employees keep a physical distance of at least two metres throughout the workplace and during eating and rest periods Operators must ensure that patrons maintain two metres of physical distance from others, except when physical distancing cannot be maintained while participating in the activities for which patrons normally frequent bathhouses or sex clubs.

Latin Quarter - Brampton, Ontario Strip Club

Modify and manage the physical space to promote physical distancing. Where possible: Install one-way walkways to reduce close physical interactions. Use visual markers Implement physical barriers Move or tape off seating to encourage physical distancing.

Close off alternate lockers and showers. Operators are required to ensure that patrons maintain two metres physical distance from other groups of persons while in line or congregating outside the bathhouse or sex club.

Post physical distancing signs at all entrances, employee rooms, and public areas The City by-law requires businesses with indoor spaces that are open to the public to develop a policy on the wearing of masks.

COVID-19 Guidance: Entertainment Venues

Operators must determine when and what PPE is required, and ensure that it is worn by workers. Operators must train employees on how to safely put on and take off PPE. Masks for Patrons Bathhouse and sex club operators must ensure that patrons wear a mask or face covering which covers their mouth, nose and chin during any period in which they come within two metres of another person, unless any of the following exceptions apply: If a mask or face covering cannot be worn while participating in the activities for which patrons normally frequent bathhouses or sex clubs.

A patron is exempted from wearing a mask or face covering.

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